Interview Mihai Gheza (Copenhague)

Mihai Gheza, from fish to bats, from East to West and finally to successful wanabee entrepreneurship.

Mihai is living now in Copenhaga, Denmark, doing his best in video games as Game Economy Design & UA/IAA. In his “ancient times” he was an activist for startups and technology in Brasov, Romania.

Mihai Gheza

1.Gamer or a game creator ?
Both of them. I play a bit of eSports, like LoL, SC2 and other Blizzard games myself; and all sorts of casual and mobile titles, mostly for work purposes. I work in publishing/business for the game development studio who’s made Subway Surfers. And I also develop an indie game of my own, at night.

2. How do you find Europe, give me a definition of this space …
I guess you mean the European Union? Pretty good idea with free travel, work and trade. But it should stop here. Forcing any other socio-cultural changes is detrimental to precious natural heritage. I haven’t lived outside of it, so I wouldn’t be able to compare.

Otherwise it’s a very nice continent with all wonderful natural landscapes 🙂

3. What do you think about innovation as concept ?
Kinda the same thing I think of management: they both happen naturally, learning is experiental/empirical and theoritezation is almost useless. Just strive for it, you’ll know it when it happens.

4. Tell me the best funniest adventure in your life (even professional) ?
Uhm… I don’t really classify my adventures as funny. They’re only funny if I talk about them with the people I experienced them with.

5. Do you think in motivation or in discipline ? Why
As in … What do I think of them? Or if I believe in them? They’re both concepts I studied and tried to hack. Used properly together they can yield great results. But they’re natural responses to inner forces, you shouldn’t force them; the process of inflicting them upon yourself can be very painful. And unless applied properly you might end up moving mountains in the wrong direction. Like I did 🙂 It’s pretty tough to motivate yourself to put them back.

6. Do you have an opinion how Romania will look in 25 years ? I mean 2040 …
Like any other average non-X-communist EU country looked like 25 years ago. But with hideous architecture (building blocks) and traces / heritage that I can’t yet anticipate.

7.If you can, you would like to be …

8. What do you think of entrepreneurs ? Are you one ?
I have a great admiration for most of them. I’m hustling to become one, but for now I’m a wannabe 🙂

9. What is the most important thing you learnt in the last 5 years ?
Many important things. Most of them revolve around living in a different country. I guess some of the most important things I learned have to do with the way I should live my life, day by day; and I still feel like I’m lost at sea. Otherwise I learned a great deal about business and stuff in my game development career.

10. When you were little what you dreat to be when growing up ? IS that happened ?

I didn’t have childhood career dreams. My most recent childhood memories had to do with the pleasure of working with aquariums, aquarium plants, plants and generally outdoor small stuff 🙂 That didn’t happen, like at all, though I still have an aquarium.

Then I wanted to become a writer/genius writer.
Then I wanted to move to an ashram and give up the World when I turn 33.
Then I wanted to become a successful entrepreneur and afterwards a successful investor.
I’m still stuck on the last one 😉



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