Ionut Tata, for Vicepresident 2014

Ionut Tata JCI RomaniaJCI Career

2010 – VP Members and Growth – JCI Brasov
2011 – Local President – JCI Brasov
2012 – Deputy President – JCI Romania
2013 – President – JCI Romania

Conferences attended:
2003 – WJD BUKO/JCI Germany National Convention
2010 – JCI Romania National Convention
2011 – JCI COC Academy
2011 – JCI Romania National Convention
2011 – JCI World Congress Bruxelles
2012 – JCI EPM Sibiu
2012 – JCI Leadership Academy in Sapporo
2012 – JCI European Conference Braunschweig
2012 – JCI Romania National Convention (acted as COC Director)
2012 – JCI World Congress Taipei (Chief delegate)
2013 – JCI EPM Luxembourg
2013 – JCI European Conference Monaco

Career highlights
2004 – founded Iceberg Consulting company – one of the first training and consulting projects for various companies in the fields of automotive, IT, telecom, pharma, healthcare, NGO using the Human Synergistics/Circumplex tools in Romania.

2006 – named Deputy Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brasov region
2007 – named Director of the Sustainable Development Agency of Brasov region
2010 – founded the first Association for Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility in Brasov, in order to make the local businesses more active with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms.
2012founded first Paralympic Basketball Team in Brasov – Driven by a community of highly skilled, knowledgeable, and remarkably dedicated people, the first paralympic team in Brasov was established.
2013 – elected President of the Innovation and Technology Cluster in Brasov – This initiative aimed to encourage investment in a wide range of sectors and emphasize the emergence of Brasov as ‘open for business’ and to boost the economy for the investors and local enterprises, which is in everyone’s interests. Named president, the mission will include increasing labor productivity in highly competitive investment conditions with strong industrial and new, highly developed technological infrastructure in transportation, telecommunications and energy will enable new companies to tap into the knowledge, experience and contacts of businesses.

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