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17 November 2014, Laval, France. “Pariez 53” (Bet 53) arrived to its end. 53 is the number of Mayenne departement in France. A good action and a BIG-BIG Bravo to JCE Laval.

Objectives of the action: To discover and attract people from outside Mayenne

Mayenne has the image of a department where are only cows! We pass by in TGV never thinking living here one day .

The aim of this action is to contribute to change this image by showing that it is good to live in Mayenne and that we can find meaningful jobs in companies here. Real estate is quite friendly for any family project and Mayenne are people are open, like the members of the JCI.


Description of the action

Transforming the image of a department is a huge job. Therefore, this action could be only that of entire county, with the participation of three Junior Economic Chambers in Mayenne (also Chateau Gontier and Haute Mayenne). JCE Laval will therefore deal with employment topic. To do this, a small study will be undertaken, especially on the businesses’ needs. JCI Laval will also interview people who came in Mayenne to identify their motivation and what they like here. Then JCI members will go to some cities in France to show what we offer and what our department is about. For the completion of the commission the purpose aim to bring in Mayenne people outside at least the time of a weekend.

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